In a refrigerator, the refrigerant is

A. Nitrogen

B. Oxygen

C. Chlorine

D. Freon

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  1. Commonly used safety fuse wire is made of
  2. Out of the following which element has the longest half-life period?
  3. Mercury does not stick to glass because
  4. Dioptre is the unit of power of
  5. The base of an electric iron is brightly polished mainly
  6. X-rays are used
  7. When a ship floats on water, the weight or water displaced is
  8. Of the following types of electromagnetic radiation which has the longest wavelength?
  9. Of the following which has got the highest frequency?
  10. Changing of one element into another element is known as
  11. In a refrigerator cooling is produced by
  12. A hunter on the ground wishes to shoot a bird on a tree at a distance with his rifle. He has to point…
  13. While crossing a suspension bridge, the soldiers are ordered to break steps because
  14. Solids have definite shapes. This is because
  15. For an electron orbiting in a hydrogen atom, the necessary centripetal force keeping it in orbit is…
  16. Resistance is measured in
  17. The largest planet in the solar system is
  18. Raindrops assume a spherical shape because or
  19. The Space Application Centre for training in Satellite Communication Technology is located at
  20. Photocells are used
  21. How is it that Pluto is not always the farthest planet of the solar system?
  22. The speed of sound in a medium depends upon the properties of the medium such as
  23. The theory that the earth constituted the centre of the universe around which the sun and the planets…
  24. Which of the following rays has the highest penetrative power?
  25. A small bubble of air deep down in a lake rises up to the top of the lake. The volume of the bubble…
  26. Radio waves sent out by radio stations are reflected by
  27. Drinks kept in a vacuum flask remain hot or cold as the case may be for a long time because
  28. Metals are good conductors of heat because
  29. The instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure is
  30. A transformer