In a series RLCcircuit

A. The current lags VLby 90

B. The current leads VLby 90

C. XL leads Xcby 90

D. Z = jXL at resonance

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  1. Points to be considered in choosing a capacitor
  2. When current and voltage arte in phase in an ac circuita the ___ is equal to zero.
  3. What is the specific resistance of a pure silicon?
  4. How many coulombs are delivered by a storage battery in 25 hours if it is supplying current at the rate…
  5. A series-parallel combination of identical resistors will
  6. The electric field strength between capacitor plates has a unit
  7. In an ac circuit with inductive reactance ?, the
  8. Which of the following has a positive temperature coefficient?
  9. Which of the following is also known as antiresonant circuit?
  10. The Q-factor of a series resonant circuit is also known as
  11. In a series RLCcircuit
  12. The potential gradient in a cable is maximum in
  13. What refers to such work at very low temperaturesa near absolute zero?
  14. If a capacitor is rated for 200V dca what is its effective ac working voltage?
  15. If a multiplate capacitor has 10 platesa each of area 10 cm2a then
  16. Another term for superconductor.
  17. Series resonance occurs when
  18. In a circuita a passive element is one which
  19. In an ac circuita the power dissipated as heat depends on
  20. If resonant frequency is 10 kHz and quality factor is 50a then
  21. What is the half-power bandwidth of a parallel resonant circuit which has a resonant frequency of 3.6…
  22. When the power factor of a circuit is zeroa
  23. Which of the following elements is active?
  24. Which statement is true about a passive circuit?
  25. What is the conductance of a circuit having three 10 resistors in parallel?
  26. A capacitance of 0.05 F equals
  27. The ratio between the reactive power and the apparent power of an ac load is called
  28. What can be used to estimate resonant frequency and to find reactance at any frequency for any value…
  29. Which one of the following elements serves as a protection against overload?
  30. According to Gauss theorema flux can be equated to