In a throttling process

A. Steam temperature remains constant

B. Steam pressure remains constant

C. Steam enthalpy remains constant

D. Steam entropy remains constant

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  1. The reheat factor depends upon
  2. Water and sediment in fuel oil can be removed by
  3. Degree of reaction is defined as the ratio of
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  5. Spontaneous combustion is a phenomenon in which
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  10. The diameter of Cornish boiler varies from
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  13. Expansion ratio is the ratio of
  14. The steam temperature with increase in load in case of a boiler fitted with radiation superheater
  15. Clearance ratio is the ratio of
  16. Which of the following varieties of coals is mostly used in steam boilers?
  17. A compound steam engine in which the high pressure and low pressure cylinders have common piston rod,…
  18. The critical pressure ratio for initially wet steam is
  19. The water tubes in a Babcock and Wilcox boiler are
  20. The fittings mounted on the boiler for its proper and safe functioning is a
  21. The steam leaves the nozzle at a
  22. In a steam condenser, the partial pressure of steam and air are 0.06 bar and 0.007 bar respectively.…
  23. A boiler in India should conform to safety regulations of
  24. Carbonisation of coal is the process of
  25. While steam expands in turbines, theoretically the entropy
  26. Pick up the wrong statement about critical condition of steam
  27. Sublimation region is the region where
  28. The latent heat of steam with increase of pressure
  29. Thermal efficiency of well maintained boiler will be of the order
  30. The shell diameter of a Locomotive boiler is