In a vapour compression cycle, the refrigerant immediately after expansion valve is

A. Liquid

B. Sub-cooled liquid

C. Saturated liquid

D. Wet vapour

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  1. The coefficient of performance of Heat Pump is always __________ one.
  2. The dehumidification process, on the psychrometric chart, is shown by
  3. The bypass factor, in case of sensible cooling of air, is given by (where td₁ = Dry bulb temperature…
  4. Critical pressure of a liquid is the pressure
  5. The condition of refrigerant as it leaves the compressor in a vapour compression system is
  6. In a refrigerating machine, heat rejected is _________ heat absorbed.
  7. The freezing point of R-12 is
  8. Aqua ammonia is used as refrigerant in the following type of refrigeration system
  9. In a vapour compression refrigeration system, a throttle valve is used in place of an expander because
  10. The relative humidity lines on a psychrometric chart are
  11. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest freezing point?
  12. Ammonia absorption refrigeration cycle requires
  13. In which of the following refrigeration system, waste heat can be effectively used?
  14. A refrigeration cycle operates between condenser temperature of + 27°C and evaporator temperature…
  15. The lowest temperature during the cycle in a vapour compression system occurs after
  16. Chaperon equation is a relation between
  17. The domestic refrigerator uses following type of compressor
  18. Carbon dioxide is
  19. In chemical dehumidification process,
  20. If a gas is to be liquefied, its temperature must be
  21. Superheating in a refrigeration cycle
  22. In a domestic refrigerator, a capillary tube controls the flow of refrigerant from the
  23. When the temperature of the surrounding is higher than the temperature of the body, then the heat loss…
  24. The boiling point of ammonia is
  25. The superheated vapour region, in a pressure enthalpy chart, is represented by the space
  26. The heat rejection factor (HRF) is given by
  27. In aircraft, air refrigeration Cycle is used because of
  28. A standard ice point temperature corresponds to the temperature of
  29. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  30. The process, generally used in winter air-conditioning to warm and humidity the air, is called