In air compressors, free air delivery means the

A. Actual volume of the air delivered by the compressor when reduced to normal temperature and pressure conditions

B. Volume of air delivered by the compressor

C. Volume of air sucked by the compressor during its suction stroke

D. None of the above

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  1. Volumetric efficiency of a compressor decreases with ________ in compression ratio.
  2. In turbo fan engine, the jet velocity as compared to turbojet engine is
  3. The compressor efficiency is the
  4. The clearance volume of the air compressor is kept minimum because
  5. Maximum delivery pressure is a rotary air compressor is of the order of
  6. Standard air is the air at
  7. Actual compression curve is
  8. Isothermal compression efficiency, even when running at high speed, can be approached by using
  9. The mass of gas turbine per kW developed is about ________ as that of an I.C. engine.
  10. In the cross compounding of the gas turbine plant
  11. Axial flow compressor has the following advantage over centrifugal compressor
  12. Pick up the correct statement
  13. What will be the volume of air at 327°C if its volume at 27°C is 1.5 m³/ mt?
  14. The volumetric efficiency of a compressor falls roughly as follows for every 5°C increase in atmospheric…
  15. Producer gas is produced by
  16. The mean effective pressure of the compressor is the
  17. A rotary compressor is driven by an
  18. The assumption made in two stage compression with intercooler is that
  19. There is a certain pressure ratio (optimum) for a gas turbine at which its thermal efficiency is maximum.…
  20. Out of the following, from where you will prefer to take intake for air compressor
  21. Compression efficiency is compared against
  22. Volumetric efficiency of a compressor with clearance volume
  23. The pressure ratio of an ideal vaned compressor with increase in mass flow rate
  24. A rocket works with maximum overall efficiency when air craft velocity is equal to the
  25. Inter cooling in compressors
  26. The efficiency of the vane blower is (where W₁ = Workdone due to compression, and W₂ =…
  27. The most efficient method of compressing air is to compress it
  28. Work ratio of a gas turbine plant is ratio of
  29. The combustion efficiency of a gas turbine using perfect combustion chamber is of the order of
  30. If V, U and Vr represent the absolute velocity of fluid, velocity of blade, and relative velocity of…