In an ac wavea 30 degrees of phase is ___ of a cycle.

A. ½


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  1. In a complex number 5 + j 10a 10 is called ___ part.
  2. Which of the following describes the action of a capacitor?
  3. What is the total capacitance of 10 capacitorsa each of 20 F in series?
  4. The wavelength of an alternating waveform depends upon the ___ of the variation.
  5. In a parallel bank with unequal branch resistances
  6. Two capacitors of capacitance 9 F and 18 F in series will have a total capacitance of
  7. For a parallel ACcircuita ___ is used as a reference phasor.
  8. The ratio between the reactive power and the apparent power of an ac load is called
  9. Another term of the quality factor of the resonant circuit.
  10. When voltage is applied across a ceramic dielectric the electrostatic field p roduced is 50 times greater…
  11. The second strip of an electronic resistor color-code represents
  12. The capacitance of a capacitor is ___ relative permittivity.
  13. In an inductive coila the rate of rise of current is maximum
  14. What maximum voltage can be applied across the capacitor of time?
  15. If two complex conjugates are addeda ___ components results.
  16. In an ac circuit with a resistive branch and an inductive branch in parallela the
  17. If a capacitor is rated for 200V dca what is its effective ac working voltage?
  18. If one resistance in a series connection is opena then
  19. The result of rust in electrical (wire) connection is
  20. Under the conditions of maximum power transfera a voltage source is delivering a power of 15 W to the…
  21. In a multiple capacitora the plate area is
  22. Which of the following does not refer to electrical energy?
  23. When the temperature of copper wire is increased its resistance is
  24. An ac series circuit is composed of a resistance of 20 a inductive reactance of 40 a and a capacitive…
  25. In a complex resistance-reactance planea XLis represented
  26. Which of the following is a disadvantage of a wire-wound resistor?
  27. A term used to express the amount of electrical energy stored in electrostatic field.
  28. The temperature coefficient of resistance of electrolytes is
  29. A linear circuit is one whose parameters
  30. The open-circuit voltage at the terminal of load RL is 60V. Under the condition of maximum power transfera…