In an exploded assembly drawing it is customary for the drafter to use a ________ line to illustrate how parts fit together.

A. Phantom

B. Hidden

C. Dashed

D. Center

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  1. An advantage of this type of view is that each view shows the object all the way through as if it were…
  2. In an assembly section, these parts should have their section lines left out or shown solid black:
  3. A line with a tapering width can be easily created by using the __________ tool.
  4. Before starting an isometric drawing in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to ________.
  5. This is the term for the range of tightness or looseness resulting from the allowances and tolerances…
  6. This type of weld is the most common in structural steel fabrication:
  7. A full scale technical drawing will have a scale factor of ________.
  8. This type of section is not in direct projection from the view containing the cutting plane:
  9. These are used to attach parts to a cylinder so they won't turn on it:
  10. Using this as a communication and design review tool can help shorten the process and eliminate productivity…
  11. Dimension text is generally placed above the ________ line.
  12. This is the range of digital or hard copy documents that specify the physical function requirements…
  13. Dimensions are used on the elevation plan to describe ________.
  14. When using the direct entry method to create a horizontal line exactly three inches long the drafter…
  15. This is a conical-shaped recess around a hole, often used to receive a tapered screw head:
  16. These types of pipes are generally connected with bell and spigot joints or flanged joints:
  17. Circular shapes appear in this fashion when viewed at an angle other than 90 degrees:
  18. It is customary for the first sheet of a working drawing set to include ________.
  19. When filling an area with a hatch pattern in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to be able to ________.
  20. This type of structural steel drawing shows all dimensions necessary for fabrication:
  21. This is a curve showing the displacement of the follower as ordinates on a base line that represents…
  22. Oblique drawings are dimensioned in a similar fashion as these types of drawings:
  23. This allows the designer to conceptualize objects more easily without having to make costly illustrations,…
  24. In the section view, the areas that would have been in actual contact with the cutting plane are shown…
  25. This is how axonometric, oblique, and perspective sketches show objects:
  26. In this type of projection, each of the axes has different ratios of foreshortening:
  27. This is the intersection of the ground plane with the picture plane:
  28. In some circumstances an entire drawing can be inserted into a different drawing as a block. When this…
  29. Referring to the fractional inches to decimal inches to millimetre conversion chart on page 55 what…
  30. In working drawings, these show all necessary information not given directly on the drawing with its…