In an interchangeable assembly, shafts of size 25.000 -0.0100⁺⁰⁰⁴⁰ mm mate with holes of size 25.000 -0.010⁺⁰⁰²⁰ mm. The maximum possible clearance in the assembly will be

A. 10 microns

B. 20 microns

C. 30 microns

D. 60 microns

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  1. The factor responsible for the formation of continuous chips with built up edge is
  2. A diamond locating pin is used in jigs and fixtures because
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  4. In order to grind soft material
  5. Ultrasonic machining is best suited for
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  17. A push broach as compared to pull broach
  18. A tool used to withdraw a drill from the sleeve is called
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