In any spontaneous process,

A. Only F decreases

B. Only A decreases

C. Both F and A decreases

D. Both F and A increase

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  1. The specific heat of saturated water vapour at 100°C is
  2. Grams of butane (C4H10) formed by the liquefaction of 448 litres of the gas (measured at (STP) would…
  3. If an ideal solution is formed by mixing two pure liquids in any proportion, then the __________ of…
  4. If heat contents of CH4, C2H4 and C3H8 are -17.9, 12.5 and -24.8 kcal/mole respectively, than ΔH…
  5. Equilibrium constant decreases as the temperature
  6. Heat is added at constant pressure in an ideal __________ cycle.
  7. Which of the following units is not present in both the vapor compression refrigeration system and absorption…
  8. Dryness fraction of wet steam is defined as the ratio of mass of vapour in the mixture to the mass of…
  9. Pick out the correct statement.
  10. Gibbs free energy at constant pressure and temperature under equilibrium conditions is
  11. Which one is true for a throttling process?
  12. The internal energy of a gas obeying P (V - b) RT (where, b is a positive constant and has a constant…
  13. Heat requirement for decomposition of a compound into its elements is __________ that is evolved during…
  14. The expression, nCv(T2 - T1), is for the __________ of an ideal gas.
  15. Pick out the undesirable property for a good refrigerant.
  16. Heat of reaction at constant volume is identified with __________ change.
  17. The value of gas constant 'R' is
  18. Measurement of thermodynamic property of temperature is facilitated by __________ law of thermodynamics.
  19. __________ explains the equilibrium constant for any chemical reaction.
  20. An isolated system can exchange __________ with its surroundings.
  21. In a turbine, the fluid expands almost
  22. In the reaction, C + O2 → CO2; ΔH = - 94 kcal. What is the heat content (enthalpy) of O2?
  23. The work done in an adiabatic change in a particular gas depends upon changes in the __________ only.
  24. Choose the condition that must be specified in order to liquify CO2 (triple point for CO2 is - 57°C…
  25. The temperature at which a real gas obeys the ideal gas laws over a wide range of pressure is called…
  26. Which of the following is not correct for a reversible adiabatic process?
  27. The number of degrees of freedom for a mixture of ice and water (liquid) are
  28. The expression, ΔG = nRT. ln(P2/P1), gives the free energy change
  29. The enthalpy change when ammonia gas is dissolved in water is called the heat of
  30. A gas has a volume of 27.3 c.c. at 0°C. Its volume at 10°C (if pressure remains unchanged) will…