In ASP.NET a page is inherited from System.Web.UI.Page. Here UI means

A. Universal Indicator

B. Uniform Indicator

C. User Interface

D. Universal Interface

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  1. ASP.NET is object oriented
  2. We can write an XML document from ASP.NET without mentioning the encoding format ie even without specifying…
  3. .FileInfo gives information about any file and .File gives information about a particular file
  4. .DirectoryInfo gives information about any Directory
  5. The HTML control that helps to browse a file is
  6. To count how many users have logged in the web site till date use
  7. Checkboxes have same name and different values while Radio Buttons have the reverse
  8. The default method of a WebForm is
  9. A _____________ is a logical naming scheme for grouping related types of
  10. To make a RepeaterControl viewable, the controls ____________ must be edited
  11. HTML elements, HTML server controls and ASP.NET server controls can be used on the same form
  12. Menus can be added to an ASP.NET Page
  13. A web server control is written as
  14. If a Table controls name is Table1, to access value from its second row, third column, __________________…
  15. To pass queries to Crystal Reports use
  16. What are unique properties of RangeValidator control?
  17. In ASP.NET a page is inherited from System.Web.UI.Page. Here UI means
  18. The code file for WebForm1.aspx will be ___________
  19. If a page name is WebForm1.aspx and it resides in ../Test/, then it will inherit from
  20. CDONTS is designed on for Windows NT Server
  21. Which of the following method must be overridden in a custom control?
  22. Which of the following object is not an ASP component?
  23. _________ is used to write/read into a leaf node
  24. If someone accidentally deletes the Page Directive of an ASP.NET page say "First.aspx" under "Sales",…
  25. This tag in Repeater control is mandatory
  26. What keyword is necessary to expose a public function as a method of a Web Service?
  27. In Global.asax there are _______ general methods
  28. This property is inapplicable in DropDownList
  29. We can manage states in asp.net application using
  30. Default Session data is stored in ASP.Net.