In case of water (Prandtl number ≈ 6) flowing over a flat plate heated over the entire length, the thermal boundary layer thickness as compared to hydrodynamic boundary layer thickness is

A. Less

B. More

C. Equal

D. Unpredictable

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  1. Age hardening is connected with
  2. The value of for air & most common gases can be safely assumed to be
  3. With decrease in the grain size of a material, its creep resistance
  4. Closeness of packing is maximum in case of __________ crystal lattice.
  5. The hardenability of steel decreases with
  6. Damage to metal surface by mechanical action is called
  7. Gantt charts are used for streamlining the
  8. Which of the following is the correct nature of shear stress distribution along the cross section in…
  9. Dryness fraction of dry steam is
  10. __________ iron is produced by the annealing of white cast iron.
  11. Most important property of steels for use in automobile bodies is the
  12. Which of the following has the highest value of refractive index?
  13. Volume of blast furnace slag is about __________ times the volume of hot metal (pig iron) of the same…
  14. High endurance limit of carburised machine parts is because of the fact that carburisation
  15. Induced draft fans provided in large thermal power plant boilers have __________ blades.
  16. For separating small pieces of metal from engine oil of a car, the best separating technique is the
  17. Heat required to raise the temperature of a body by 1 °C is called its
  18. Which of the following are considered applications of ultrasonic testing?
  19. Principal alloying element in Elinvar (used for making hair springs for watches) is
  20. The minimum temperature to which the water can be cooled in a cooling tower is the __________ temperature…
  21. Nitriding of a steel part does not increase its
  22. Runge-Kutta method is used to solve a/an
  23. For infinite parallel planes having emissivities ε1 & ε2, the interchange factor for radiation…
  24. Work study deals with the __________ study.
  25. Wavelength of radiation emitted by a body depends on the __________ of its surface.
  26. Which of the following varies as the square root of oil pressure during atomisation of fuel oil through…
  27. A material being tested for endurance strength is subjected to the __________ load.
  28. The most detrimental impurity in high pressure boiler feed water is
  29. Heat transfer to the water wall in a high pressure water wall type boiler furnace is mainly by
  30. __________ is the process used for setting up compressive stresses in the surface of a metal to improve…