In drilling aluminium, a drill with

A. Zero helix angle is used

B. Low helix angle is used

C. High helix angle is used

D. Any helix angle can be used

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  1. The primary purpose of a sprue in a casting mould is to
  2. The usual value of the helix angle of a drill is
  3. EDM machining is applied for
  4. Down milling is also called
  5. The work or surface speed for cylindrical grinding varies from
  6. The machining of titanium is difficult due to
  7. In electrochemical machining, the gap between the tool and work is kept as
  8. In which type of welding a gas shield, a consumable electrode is used and the welding can be done in…
  9. The crystal structure of austenite is
  10. The width of cutting edge of a parting off tool varies from
  11. The tool life is affected by
  12. In a metal arc welding process, metal transfer across the arc may take place by a method of material…
  13. The process of improving the cutting action of the grinding wheel is called
  14. The relief or clearance at the cutting edge of a flat drill varies from
  15. The factor considered for evaluation of machinability is
  16. In orthogonal turning of a low carbon steel bar of diameter 150 mm with uncoated carbide tool, the cutting…
  17. The angle on which the strength of the tool depends is
  18. In metal cutting, use of low feeds and high cutting speeds is desired when the objective is
  19. In a CNC program block, N002 GO2 G91 X40 Z40......, GO2 and G91 refer to
  20. The maximum production of small and slender parts is done by
  21. What type of fusion welding process is used for welding sheet metals of all engineering metals (except…
  22. During the execution of a CNC part program block NO20 GO2 X45.0 Y25.0 R5.0 ; the type of tool motion…
  23. Which one among the following welding processes uses nonconsumable electrode?
  24. The effect of setting a boring tool above centre height leads to
  25. In an orthogonal cutting, the depth of cut is halved and the feed rate is double. If the chip thickness…
  26. Which of the following process is used for preparing parts having large curved surfaces and thin sections?
  27. Which of the following statement is incorrect with reference of lathe cutting tools?
  28. Which of the following statement is wrong as regard to down milling?
  29. In up-cut milling the work piece is fed
  30. A type of welding flows, which is the result of a perfect proportion and mixture of acetylene and oxygen…