In Edgeworth model, if price falls below competitive price, the demand is:

A. More than maximum output

B. More than minimum output

C. Less than maximum output

D. Less than minimum output

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  1. When sales tax is imposed on monopolist, its:
  2. Which of the following theories of trade cycle was presented by William Jevons?
  3. Who finalized the model of monopolistic competition?
  4. A decrease in demand lowers the price the most:
  5. The sufficient condition of firms equilibrium requires:
  6. If the demand for good is more elastic and government levied a tax per unit of output, the price per…
  7. Economics is a:
  8. The concept of period refers to:
  9. The ordinal approach was presented by:
  10. In repeated game, the Prisoners Dillemma can have a:
  11. At high prices, demand is likely to be:
  12. Decrease in demand results in:
  13. All the firms with identical costs under perfect competition well, in the long-run, earn only:
  14. Economic laws are:
  15. At a point where a straight line demand curve meets the price axis (Y-axis), the elasticity of demand…
  16. Under perfect competition, a firm will be in equilibrium if:
  17. Identify the coefficient of price-elasticity of demand when the percentage increase in the quantity…
  18. If Marginal Utility (MU) is zero, then total utility is:
  19. Economies of large-scale production:
  20. Who stated explicitly for the first time the Law of Camparative Costs?
  21. The coefficient of the price elasticity of demand is computed as the absolute value of the percentage…
  22. In 1890, Principles of Economics was written by:
  23. We get constant returns to scale when:
  24. If under perfect competition, in the short period, price does not cover the average cost completely,…
  25. Each firm in cournot model assumes that its competitor will:
  26. Under the law of variable proportions, the average and the marginal product of the variable factor would…
  27. In a socialist (communist) economy the invisible hand:
  28. Which of the following is assumed to be constant when drawing a demand curve?
  29. The greater the percentage of income spent on a commodity:
  30. An indifference curve slopes down towards right since more of one commodity and less of another result…