In help menu of Excel, which of the following tabs are found?

A. Contents tab

B. Answer Wizard tab

C. Index tab

D. all of the above

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  1. To delete an embedded objects, first
  2. An Excel Workbook is a collection of .......
  3. Which of the following is a popular DOS based spreadsheet package?
  4. Which of the following methods can not be used to edit the contents of a cell?
  5. To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in EXCEL we use the function?
  6. Which of the following format you can decide to apply or not in AutoFormat dialog box?
  7. Which of the cell pointer indicates you that you can make selection?
  8. Excel uniquely identifies cells within a worksheet with a cell name
  9. What is represented by the small, black square in the lower-right corner of an active cell or range?
  10. To record a sequence of keystrokes and mouse actions to play back later we use:
  11. MS Excel provides the default value for step in Fill Series dialog box
  12. The short cut key Ctrl + R is used in Excel to
  13. Which of the cell pointer indicate that you can move the content to other cell?
  14. To copy formatting from one area in a worksheet and apply it to another area you would use:
  15. To activate the previous cell in a pre-selected range, press
  16. In a worksheet you can select
  17. You can check the conditions against __________ when applying conditional formatting
  18. What happens when dollar signs ($) are entered in a cell address? (e$B$2:$B$10)
  19. What is the short cut key to highlight the entire column?
  20. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?
  21. Which tool you will use to join some cells and place the content at the middle of joined cell?
  22. When you copy a formula
  23. Which of the following is not a valid data type in excel
  24. An excel workbook is a collection of
  25. When you link data maintained in an excel workbook to a word document
  26. The Name box on to the left of formula bar
  27. To hold row and column titles in place so that they do not scroll when you scroll a worksheet click…
  28. Comments put in cells are called
  29. Data can be arranged in a worksheet in a easy to understand manner using
  30. To edit in an embedded excel worksheet object in a word document