In jet engines, for the efficient production of large power, fuel is burnt in an atmosphere of

A. Vacuum

B. Atmospheric air

C. Compressed air

D. Oxygen alone

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  1. The absolute pressure of air at the outlet of a compressor is called
  2. Separators are generally used in air compressor installations
  3. A rocket engine for the combustion of its fuel
  4. The reason for volumetric efficiency of reciprocating compressor being less than 100 percent is
  5. The compression ratio for the compressor is always __________ unity.
  6. Work ratio of a gas turbine plant is ratio of
  7. To avoid moisture troubles, the compressed air main line should
  8. The mass of gas turbine per kW developed is about ________ as that of an I.C. engine.
  9. Gas turbines for power generation are normally used
  10. A closed gas turbine in which fuel is burnt directly in the air is not possible because of
  11. Phenomenon of choking in compressor means
  12. The efficiency and work ratio of a gas turbine plant can be increased by
  13. For a two stage compressor, if index of compression for higher stage is greater than index of compression…
  14. Atmospheric pressure is 1.03 kg/cm and vapour pressure is 0.03 kg/cm. The air pressure will be
  15. The compression ratio in a gas turbine is of the order of
  16. Pressure ratio in gas turbines is the ratio of
  17. Standard air is the air at ________ and relative humidity of 36 percent.
  18. The following is true for an open cycle gas turbine having exhaust heat exchanger. Atmospheric air before…
  19. Which is false statement about advantages of multistage compressor in comparison to single stage compressor?
  20. Ratio of indicated h.p. to shaft h.p. in known as
  21. The compressor performance at higher altitude compared to sea level will be
  22. A 3 m³/min compressor means that it
  23. The thermal efficiency of a simple gas turbine for a given turbine inlet temperature with increase in…
  24. What will be the volume of air at 327°C if its volume at 27°C is 1.5 m³/ mt?
  25. High air-fuel ratio in gas turbines
  26. In the cross compounding of the gas turbine plant
  27. Work ratio of a gas turbine may be improved by
  28. In a single acting reciprocating compressor, the suction, compression and delivery of air takes place…
  29. The intercooler pressure, for minimum work required, for a two stage reciprocating air compressor, is…
  30. Stalling of blades in axial flow compressor is the phenomenon of