In latest generation computers, the instructions are executed

A. Parallel only

B. Sequentially only

C. Both sequentially and parallel

D. All of above

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  1. Which of the following is the coding of data so that is can't be easily understood if intercepted.
  2. Excessive parallel processing is related to
  3. Who invented the high level language C?
  4. Cathode Ray Tube is a form of________
  5. Circular division of disks to store and retrieve data are known as
  6. Which American computer company is called Big Blue?
  7. Which of the following programming language started from second generation?
  8. Which of the printers used in conjunction with computers uses dry ink powder?
  9. What type of computers are client computers (most of the time) in a client-server system?
  10. The ________ is the amount of data that a storage device can move from the storage medium to the Computer…
  11. in which year was UKs premier computing event called ?The which computer? started?
  12. A high quality CAD system uses the following for printing drawing and graphs
  13. What is required when more than one person uses a central computer at the same time?
  14. Who invented Integrated Circuits?
  15. Software in computer
  16. What is the main difference between a mainframe and a super computer?
  17. The first firm to mass-market a microcomputer as a personal computer was
  18. Once you load the suitable program and provide required data, computer does not need human intervention.…
  19. The central processing unit (CPU) consists of
  20. The subject of cybernetics deals with the science of
  21. ________ is the measurement of things such as fingerprints and retinal scans used for security access.
  22. Once you load the suitable program and provide required data, computer does not need human intervention.…
  23. Which of the following statement is false?
  24. When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc. decide to join hands?
  25. Which is the limitation of high level language?
  26. To prevent the loss of data during power failures, use a(n):
  27. In _____ mode, the communication channel is used in both directions at the same time?
  28. A CPU contains
  29. MIS is designed to provide information needed for effective decision making by?
  30. A compiler is a translating program which