In machining metals, surface roughness is due to

A. Feed marks or ridges left by the cutting tool

B. Fragment of built-up edge on the machined surface

C. Cutting tool vibrations

D. All of these

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  1. A fine grained grinding wheel is used to grind
  2. In grinding irregular, curved, tapered, convex and concave surfaces, the grinder used is
  3. The soft grade grinding wheels are denoted by the letters
  4. The tool life is affected by
  5. The lathe spindles are usually made hollow and provided with
  6. In electro-discharge machining, dielectric is used to
  7. What is the welding defect caused due to improper control and poor removal of slog between passes called?
  8. Chip breakers are used to
  9. The enlarging of an existing circular hole with a rotating single point tool is called
  10. Relief angles on high speed steel tools usually vary from
  11. The material property which depends only on the basic crystal structure is
  12. Which of the following arc welding processes does not use consumable electrodes?
  13. Trepanning is an operation of
  14. The purpose of jigs and fixtures is to
  15. A grinding wheel is said to be of _________ if it holds the abrasive grains more securely.
  16. In which type of welding a gas shield, a consumable electrode is used and the welding can be done in…
  17. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to up milling?
  18. The shear velocity is the velocity of
  19. For fast removal of materials during grinding, a _________ grinding wheel is used.
  20. In abrasive jet machining, as the distance between the nozzle tip and the work surface increases, the…
  21. The cutting speed of a drill depends upon the
  22. In drilling brass, a drill with
  23. The maximum production of small and slender parts is done by
  24. The parameter which completely defines the chip formation in a metal cutting process is
  25. With the same tool life, the maximum material per minute is removed by
  26. The abrasive recommended for grinding materials of low tensile strength is
  27. In _________ operation, the chip thickness is minimum at the beginning of the cut and it reaches to…
  28. Volume of a cube of side l and volume of a sphere of radius r are equal. Both the cube and the sphere…
  29. The angle between the shear plane and __________ is called shear angle.
  30. The operation of smoothing and squaring the surface around a hole is known as