In monopolistic competition, because of difference in choices, the firm charges:

A. Different prices

B. Similar prices

C. High prices

D. Low prices

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  1. The demand for cigarettes is price inelastic implying a unit tax on this commodity will
  2. In arriving at stable equilibrium in cournot model, if one firm decreases output the other firm will:
  3. Demand is elastic when the coefficient of elasticity is:
  4. The firm producing at the minimum point of the AC curve is said to be:
  5. The water diamond paradox was firstly resolved with the help of:
  6. The demand curve of giffen goods will be:
  7. Income effect operates through an increase
  8. If a firm is producing output at a point where diminishing returns have set in, this means that:
  9. Who is the author of Problems of Capital Formation in Underdeveloped Countries?
  10. In discriminating monopoly (price discrimination), the elasticity of demand of product in two markets…
  11. In the modern theory of costs, the level of production which the firm considers feasible is known as:
  12. Average cost curve contains in it:
  13. For a commodity giving large consumers surplus, the demand will be:
  14. One way the government can induce a monopolist to expand his output is by imposing:
  15. The main objective of the firm is to:
  16. Kinked Demand Curve is consistent with which one of the following market situations?
  17. The marginal revenue of a perfectly competitive firm is:
  18. The slope of the iso-cost line (budget line) is determined by:
  19. In finding equilibrium position of a profitmaximizing firm, which technique is most convenient?
  20. Identify the work of Irving Fisher:
  21. Social costs equal private costs when:
  22. The imaginary differentiation is attributed to difference in:
  23. Dumping is international discriminating:
  24. In case of monopoly, when total revenue is maximum:
  25. The number of sellers in duopoly is:
  26. The giffen paradox is an exception to law of:
  27. If production increases under constant returns to scale, the cost will:
  28. If X and Y are close substitutes, a fall in price of X will lead to:
  29. Conditions of perfect competition ensure:
  30. Two policy variables, product and selling activities in the theory of firm was introduced by: