In monopoly, when average revenue curve falls:

A. MR constant

B. MR rises

C. MR falls

D. MR is zero

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  1. Human wants are:
  2. Economics is a:
  3. Under the perfect competition, the transportation cost:
  4. In case of monopoly, when total revenue is maximum:
  5. Whenever a group of monopolistic competitors attains equilibrium, the firms in this group usually:
  6. Marginal cost is always:
  7. In short run, a firm can change its:
  8. When total product falls:
  9. If the price of a product falls which of the following would occur?
  10. In the modern theory of costs, the level of production which the firm considers feasible is known as:
  11. The demand of the necessities is:
  12. If the commodities X and Y are perfect substitutes then:
  13. Supply of commodity is a:
  14. According to Chamberlin, the activity of a monopolistic competitive firm:
  15. When marginal costs curve cuts average costs curve, average costs are:
  16. A loss bearing firm will continue to produce in the short run so long as the price at least covers:
  17. The reserve capacity in administration is advocated on the ground that demand for a product will:
  18. Suppose income increases by 10% and demand for commodity increases by 5% then the income elasticity…
  19. Marginal cost is the cost:
  20. The isoquant approach is based upon:
  21. From the resource allocation view point, perfect competition is preferable because:
  22. Most of the supply curves with which the average consumer deals are:
  23. The optimum level of output in long run takes place where:
  24. Which form of market structure is characterized by interdependence in decision-making as between the…
  25. Ordinal approach includes arranging:
  26. In sweezy model (kinked demand curve model), the overall increase in costs of production:
  27. The slope of isocost line (budget line) shows:
  28. The total utility (TU) curve is:
  29. The firm producing at the minimum point of the AC curve is said to be:
  30. The game theory is concerned with: