In most IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drives, memory expansion slots and active components are mounted on a single board. What is the name of this board?

A. Motherboard

B. Breadboard

C. Daughter board

D. Grandmother board

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  1. The system unit of a personal computer typically contains all of the following except:
  2. Computers built before the First Generation of computers were:
  3. Number crunchier is the informal name for
  4. The time for which a piece of equipment operates is called
  5. Analog computer works on the supply of
  6. A characteristic of card systems is:
  7. An approach that permits the computer to work on several programs instead of one is
  8. Which of the following is not input unit device?
  9. What is an interpreter?
  10. in which year was UK's premier computing event started?
  11. Which of the following is not a class based on size?
  12. RJ45 UTP cable has ________ Cables.
  13. All modern computer operate on
  14. A program that is employed in the development, repair or enhancement of other programs is known as
  15. Binary numbers need more places for counting because
  16. Registers which are partially visible to users and used to hold conditional codes (bits set by the CPU…
  17. Which of the following is the first computer to use Stored Program Concept?
  18. Select the Odd one
  19. VGA is
  20. Which of the following memories needs refresh?
  21. Which technology is used in Compact disks?
  22. The earliest calculating devices are
  23. Coded entries which are used to gain access to a computer system are called
  24. Regarding data, computers are very good at
  25. What is the first stage in software development?
  26. BCD is
  27. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages?
  28. ASCII stands for
  29. Computer is free from tiresome and boardoom. We call it
  30. In most IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drives, memory expansion slots and active components are mounted…