In movable joints the tips of the bones are covered with

A. hyaline cartilage

B. calcified cartilage

C. elastic cartilage

D. fibrous cartilage

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  1. Malnutrition is due to
  2. Who was the first scientist to use an instrument for biological studies in 1665?
  3. For which of the following is insulin treatment given?
  4. Milk fever in cows occurs due to lack of
  5. If a father has blood group A and the mother has blood group 0, which one of the blood groups may be…
  6. The age of a tree can be determined by
  7. Genes are made of
  8. The natural defence of our body against foreign germs is formed by
  9. The bacteria that gets into our body is consumed by
  10. The hormone secreted when one is frightened or excited
  11. The theory that believes that the first living organism came from another planet is known as
  12. Which organism probably arrived first in the world?
  13. Which of the following is NOT a viral disease?
  14. Biological control is to check growth of
  15. Which among the following is not a degenerative disease?
  16. Hormones are carried from their place of production by
  17. Egg laying animals are referred to as
  18. Bats can fly in the dark because
  19. What do you mean by the term fauna?
  20. Whale reproduces by
  21. A biopsy is performed on a patient generally to detect which one of the following?
  22. The geotropism of the roots that makes them grow towards gravity is said to be
  23. Blood cancer is otherwise called
  24. One of the following is often called the master gland. Which one is it?
  25. The term 'Fauna' means
  26. Blood is
  27. The spider spins its web from a liquid secreting from its
  28. Riboflavin is otherwise known as
  29. Dwarf plants can be made to attain their normal stature by applying
  30. Which of the following is a vector-borne disease for which a special programme has been launched by…