In _________ operation, the chip thickness is minimum at the beginning of the cut and it reaches to the maximum when the cut terminates.

A. Conventional milling

B. Climb milling

C. Face milling

D. End milling

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  1. In a milling operation, two side milling cutters are mounted with a desired distance between them so…
  2. The main purpose of a boring operation, as compared to drilling, is to
  3. In a centre lathe, the cutting tool is fed in _________ with reference to the lathe axis.
  4. In transverse grinding
  5. In metal cutting operations, the shear angle is the angle made by the shear plane with the
  6. The binding material used in cemented carbide tools is
  7. A lead-screw with half nuts in a lathe, free to rotate in both directions has
  8. The drill spindles are provided with standard taper known as
  9. Side rake angle of a single point cutting tool is the angle
  10. Climb milling is chosen while machining because
  11. A broach has
  12. The tool life is said to be over if
  13. The percentage of carbon in gray cast iron is in the range of
  14. In grinding irregular, curved, tapered, convex and concave surfaces, the grinder used is
  15. The angle on which the strength of the tool depends is
  16. It is required to cut screw threads of 2 mm pitch on a lathe. The lead screw has a pitch of 6 mm. If…
  17. The cutting speed is minimum while machining _________ with a high speed steel tool.
  18. The addition of lead, sulphur and phosphorus to low carbon steels, help to
  19. In reaming process
  20. A push broach as compared to pull broach
  21. The carbide tools operating at very low cutting speeds (below 30 m/min)
  22. The tool material, for faster machining, should have
  23. The maximum production of small and slender parts is done by
  24. The tool made of cemented carbide wear out faster at
  25. In ultrasonic machining, the metal is removed by
  26. The snag grinding is done
  27. The tool life is affected by
  28. What is the type of welding defect is caused due to stresses on heating and cooling called?
  29. The advantage of a broaching operation is that
  30. A left hand tool on a lathe cuts most efficiently when it travels