In order to double the period of a simple pendulum, the length of the string should be

A. Halved

B. Doubled

C. Quadrupled

D. None of these

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  1. The two elements of a pair are said to form a higher pair, when they
  2. A single degree of freedom system is given by, m × (d²x/dt²) + c × (dx/dt) + sx…
  3. Which of the following disciplines provides study of relative motion between the parts of a machine?
  4. Which of the following mechanism is an approximate straight line motion mechanism?
  5. The primary unbalanced force due to inertia of reciprocating parts in a reciprocating engine is given…
  6. There are six gears A, B, C, D, E and F in a compound train. The numbers of teeth in the gears are 20,…
  7. A kinematic chain requires at least
  8. An eccentric sheave pivoted at one point rotates and transmits oscillatory motion to a link whose one…
  9. The frictional torque transmitted by a disc or plate clutch is same as that of
  10. The power from the engine to the rear axle of an automobile is transmitted by means of
  11. The unbalanced primary forces in a reciprocating engine are
  12. When the sleeve of a Porter governor moves downwards, the governor speed
  13. In a drag link quick return mechanism, the shortest link is always fixed. The sum of the shortest and…
  14. When two pulleys are connected by means of a cross belt drive, then both the pulleys will rotate in…
  15. Which of the following is a turning pair?
  16. Which of the following is a spring controlled governor?
  17. In a hydrodynamic journal bearing, there is
  18. The instantaneous centres which vary with the configuration of mechanism are called
  19. When a point at the end of a link moves with constant angular velocity, its acceleration will have
  20. In a pantograph, all the pairs are
  21. The frictional torque transmitted in a truncated conical pivot bearing, considering uniform wear, is
  22. The displacement of a flat faced follower when it has contact with the flank of a circular arc cam,…
  23. The maximum fluctuation of energy is the
  24. A point on a link connecting double slider crank chain traces a
  25. The Ackermann steering mechanism is preferred to the Davis type in automobiles because
  26. A mechanism consisting of four links is called a __________ mechanism.
  27. A fixed gear having 200 teeth is in mesh with another gear having 50 teeth. The two gears are connected…
  28. In a four stroke I.C. engine, the turning moment during the compression stroke is
  29. The equation of motion for a single degree of freedom system with viscous damping is 4(dx²/dt²)…
  30. In a single slider crank chain