In PageMaker Shortcut key of Superscript is

A. Alt+\

B. Ctrl+Shift+\

C. Shift+\

D. Alt+Shift+Ctrl+\

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  1. Press Shift + Spacebar to zoom in. Press Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar to zoom out.
  2. We can set the value of maximum ___________ for Orphan Control
  3. We can sort the pages of publication.
  4. When we are importing text, we can replace the existing story with the new text.
  5. The shortcut key of Place command is
  6. There are ____ types of view in Control Palette.
  7. The shortcut key of underline in PageMaker ________is
  8. We can get _____________ types of option for Hyphenation in PageaMaker
  9. We can import text file directly from Story Editor in PageaMaker
  10. The shortcut key to activate Text Tool is Alt+Shift+F1
  11. .PageMaker is a Product of Macromedia
  12. We can print a publication from anather publication without open the first publication
  13. A page can be divided into maximum of 8 columns.
  14. Indents and Tabs option provides _____ types of Tab.
  15. The default page size in PageMaker 6.5 is ________.
  16. Short cut key for Reverse command is Shift + Ctrl + V.
  17. The shortcut Key of Text Wrap is ______ in PageMaker.
  18. Keyline is a Plug-ins
  19. Shortcut key to activate Text tool is Alt + Shift + F1.
  20. ___________ is the process of adjusting space between specific letter pairs in PageMaker.
  21. We can import graphics through _______________ option.
  22. We can change the default colour of the page.
  23. The shortcut key of Go to Next Frame in PageMaker.
  24. Convert Quotes converts double dashes to em dashes.
  25. Before placing an In-line Graphic we have to place the cursor after selecting the Text tool.
  26. The shortcut key of 50% zoom view in PageMaker is
  27. Short cut key for Reverse command is Ctrl+Shift+R
  28. We can draw maximum ____________ sided Polygon with the help of Polygon Tool in PageMaker
  29. Change Case plug-ins provide ____ type of Case.
  30. We cannot add new color in Color Palette in PageMaker.