In petrol engine, using a fixed octane rating fuel and fixed compression ratio, supercharging will _________ the knocking tendency.

A. Not effected

B. Decrease

C. Increase

D. None of these

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  1. Most high speed compression engines operate on
  2. For the same compression ratio
  3. A supercharged engine as compared to an ordinary engine
  4. A diesel engine as compared to petrol engine (both running and rated load) is
  5. The compression ignition engines are governed by
  6. The higher combustion chamber wall temperature in compression ignition engines will _________ knocking…
  7. The calorific value of gaseous fuels is expressed in terms of
  8. The knock in diesel engine occurs due to
  9. The compensating jet in a carburettor supplies almost constant amount of petrol at all speeds because…
  10. It the temperature of intake air in IC engines is lowered, then its efficiency will
  11. The correct sequence of the decreasing order of brake thermal efficiency of the three given basic types…
  12. A stoichiometric air-fuel ratio is
  13. In a typical medium speed 4-stroke cycle diesel engines
  14. A spark plug gap is kept from
  15. For the same power developed in I.C. engines, the cheaper system is
  16. Which of the following statement is correct regarding normal cetane?
  17. The knocking in diesel engines may be prevented by
  18. The injection pressure in a diesel engine is about
  19. In a petrol engine, if diesel is used, then the engine will
  20. Most high speed compression engines operate on
  21. Theoretically, a four stroke cycle engine should develop _________ power as that of a two stroke cycle…
  22. The maximum temperature in the I.C. engine cylinder is of the order of
  23. If the compression ratio of an engine working on Otto cycle is increased from 5 to 7, the percentage…
  24. Which of the following does not relate to a spark ignition engine?
  25. The ignition quality of petrol is expressed by
  26. When crude oil is heated, then which of the following hydrocarbon is given off first?
  27. A diesel engine has
  28. A diesel engine has compression ratio from
  29. If the speed of the engine is increased, the indicated power will
  30. The size of inlet valve of an engine in comparison to exhaust valve is