In price leadership, like leader, the follower firm may:

A. also maximize its profits

B. not maximize its profits

C. maximize its costs

D. none of the above

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  1. The ordinary demand curve is also called:
  2. When AC curve falls, MC curve falls:
  3. An inferior good/ commodity is inferior for:
  4. Short run cost curves are influenced by:
  5. Which describes a competitive market?
  6. The imaginary differentiation is attributed to difference in:
  7. Consumer surplus is the difference between
  8. If production increases under increasing returns to scale, the cost will:
  9. In real life firms:
  10. The short run cost curve is U shaped because of:
  11. Income-elasticity of demand is expressed as:
  12. The cournot model is a model of:
  13. If a straight line supply curve makes an intercept on the X-axis, the elasticity of supply is:
  14. Which of the following is an implicit cost of production?
  15. In cournot model, firms sell:
  16. The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money is the major work of :
  17. The total revenue curve for monopolist is the shape of:
  18. Suppose income increases by 10% and demand for commodity increases by 5% then the income elasticity…
  19. Any expansion in output by a firm in the short period will always reduce the:
  20. The law of demand is most directly a result of:
  21. In non-collusive oligopoly firms enter into:
  22. According to critics, the assumption of costless production is:
  23. If two goods have same marginal utility for a consumer then:
  24. A firm will be in equilibrium when the lowest isocost is:
  25. Indifference curves are downward sloping and are drawn bowed toward the origin (convex to the origin)…
  26. On an indifference map higher indifference curves show:
  27. Each firm in cournot model can:
  28. The elliptical isoquant represents the:
  29. Which is the correct statement?
  30. The slope of indifference curve shows: