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What is the correct answer?


In the given columns, column I contain structures of female reproductive system and column II contain its feature. Select the correct match.
A. Lateral meristem(i) Fascicular vascular cambium, interfascicular cambium and cork cambium.
B. Apical meristem(ii) Produces dermal tissue, ground tissues and vascular tissue.
C. Bast fibres(iii) Generally absent in primary phloem but found in secondary phloem.
D. Sap wood(iv) Involved in the conduction of water and minerals from the root to leaf.

A. A - (i), B - (ii), C - (iii), D - (iv)

B. A - (iii), B - (i), C - (ii), D - (iv)

C. A - (i), B - (iv), C - (iii), D - (ii)

D. A - (ii), B - (iv), C - (iii), D - (i)