What is the correct answer?


In the given columns, column I contains the terms and column II contains its description. Select the correct match from the option given below.
Column IColumn II
A. GrowthI. Production o f offspring.
B. ReproductionII. Compos ed o f one or more cells .
C. MetabolismIII. Increase in mass and increase in number o f individuals .
D. Cellular organizationIV. Sum total of all chemical reactions occurring in body.

A. A - I, B - II, C - III, D - IV

B. A - III, B - I, C - II, D - IV

C. A - III, B - I, C - IV, D - II

D. A - II, B - IV, C - III, D - I

Correct Answer :

C. A - III, B - I, C - IV, D - II

A III, B I, C IV, D II. Growth may be defined as a positive change in size, often over a period of time. Reproduction is the process by which living organisms produce young on of their own type. Metabolism is defined as the sum total of all the chemical reactions occurring in our body. Cellular organization refers to the components of a cell and how these individual parts are arranged within the cell.

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