What is the correct answer?


In the given figure of animal cell, one orginelle is marked as A. Select the correct identification and function of the organelle A from the given option.

A. Endoplasmic reticulum Synthesis of lipids.

B. Mitochondria Produce cellular energy in the form of ATP.

C. Golgi body Provides packaging material.

D. Lysosomes Secrete hydrolytic enzymes.

Correct Answer :

B. Mitochondria Produce cellular energy in the form of ATP.

In fig., (A) shows the cell organelle mitochondria. The mitochondria are bounded by two membranes, i.e., outer membrane and inner membrane. Mitochondria are referred as power house of the cell as they produce 95% of ATP. This energy is produced during the break down of food molecules which involve glycolysis, oxidative decarboxylation and oxidative phosphorylation (Krebs cycle and respiratory chain).

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