In the manufacture of viscose rayon, the raw material used industrially is

A. Eucalyptus wood

B. Bamboo

C. Bagasse

D. Fine teak wood

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  1. Contact process of sulphuric acid manufacture
  2. The function of gypsum addition during cement making is to
  3. A good quality coal should have
  4. Reaction of ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) produces
  5. __________ is an ore concentrating metallurgical process involving a chemical change.
  6. Adipic acid is an intermediate in the manufacture of
  7. Penicillin is made employing __________ fermentation process.
  8. Molecular weights of polymers are in the range of
  9. Fusion of bauxite and __________ produces high alumina cement.
  10. Unsaturated oils compared to saturated oils have
  11. Pick out the endothermic reaction out of the following.
  12. 20% oleum means that in 100 kg oleum, there are 20 kg of
  13. Co-efficient of thermal expansion of glass is decreased by the addition of __________ during its manufacture.
  14. The difference between saponification value and acid value is
  15. __________ is a thermosetting plastic.
  16. Dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene produces
  17. Very fine suspended and colloidal impurities are removed from water by a process called
  18. Lime and soda ash are added to water to remove
  19. Mannheim furnace is used in the manufacture of
  20. Hydrocyanic acid (HCN) is used as an insecticide for
  21. Main constituent of dolomite is
  22. Fusion of limestone and __________ produces high alumina cement.
  23. Which of the following is a detergent?
  24. Sucrose is a disaccharide consisting of
  25. Wax is a
  26. Main product in calcium carbide-water reaction is
  27. Carbon content of pitch (residue of coal tar distillation) is around __________ percent.
  28. Favourable conditions for the liquefaction of gases in general are
  29. Which of the following is not an abrasive material?
  30. Sodium salt of higher molecular weight fatty acid is termed as the __________ soap.