In the nucleus of an atom, the uncharged particle is

A. proton

B. neutron

C. electron

D. positron

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  1. When temperature decreases, resistance of metals to flow of electricity
  2. Ultrasonic waves are used
  3. Cyclotron is an apparatus used
  4. The source of electric energy in an artificial satellite is
  5. The force that keeps a body in a circular motion la called
  6. Primary colours are
  7. Holography is the technique of
  8. The resistance of a wire depends on
  9. The spectrum of white light can be studied by
  10. Which part of the eye photographic camera?
  11. The planet that is known as earth's twin is
  12. A car parked in the sun with its windows closed gets terribly hot inside. This is due to
  13. When a whistling engine approaches a person standing on the platform, the frequency or the note
  14. Photoelectric cell is a device which converts
  15. In a microphone
  16. Powder clings to the skin because of
  17. Dioptre is the unit of power of
  18. The neutron, one of the constituent particles of which the nuclei of atoms are composed was discovered…
  19. Skating on ice is possible because
  20. The velocity of sound in a medium is
  21. Two tumblers stuck together can be separated by
  22. In a concert hall reverberation is controlled by
  23. The mass number and the atomic number of an element are X and Y respectively. The number oC neutrons…
  24. The coil of an electric heater is made of
  25. Which of the following wires of same dimensions offers least resistance to the ,flow of current?
  26. A rod of brass la held in hand and rubbed with fur. The rod is found to have
  27. Meteors
  28. Which of the following has the highest refractive index?
  29. The number of galaxies that are visible without telescope on clear dark nights and away from bright…
  30. The end product in the uranium disintegration series is