In this type of concrete, the steel is pre-tensioned before the superimposed load is applied:

A. Aggregate

B. Pre-stressed

C. Reinforced

D. Preloaded

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  1. It is customary for the first sheet of a working drawing set to include ________.
  2. When only a small section of an interior area needs to be revealed the drafter can use a ________ section.
  3. When the drafter types the word BLOCK or selects the Make Block tool from the Draw tool bar the ________…
  4. The offset distance for the width (front to back) distance of the auxiliary view is the same distance…
  5. On a floor plan the dashed line that appears approximately 24 outside the exterior wall represents the…
  6. Elevation drawings will include information about ________.
  7. These are lines drawn on a map to locate, in the plan view, points of equal ground elevation:
  8. This should show what changes were made, when, and by whom:
  9. This is a curve showing the displacement of the follower as ordinates on a base line that represents…
  10. A partial auxiliary view is used to show only the ________ in the auxiliary view.
  11. The Auto-CAD command used to combine two or more primitive shapes into a single complex 3-dimensional…
  12. This type of auxiliary view is projected onto a plane that is perpendicular to one of the principal…
  13. On typical electronic diagrams, these items need not be shown unless they are needed for clarification:
  14. This is the smallest diameter of a screw thread:
  15. This is the measured size of a finished part:
  16. This is the bottom surface joining the sides of two adjacent threads:
  17. The standard number of threads per inch for various diameters is the:
  18. In order to set drawing limits for a C size architectural drawing the drafter should set the limits…
  19. Drafters should use a ________ in a section view of a mechanical part that includes the cylindrical…
  20. In this type of drawing, vertical pipes may be revolved into the horizontal plane:
  21. Baseline dimensions are referenced from a common geometric feature known as a ________.
  22. In an exploded assembly drawing it is customary for the drafter to use a ________ line to illustrate…
  23. Angles project true size only when the plane containing the angle and plane of projection are this:
  24. Once a drawing is determined to be complete, the title block is used to document the change from:
  25. In architectural drawing ________ are often used to illustrate and detail structural components.
  26. A typical set of mechanical working drawings includes ________.
  27. The site plan illustrates ________.
  28. Approximately this much of the cost of product development and manufacture is determined at the design…
  29. In order to create an isometric circle to represent a hole through the top surface of a box, the drafter…
  30. This type of rapid prototyping system uses a laser to fuse powdered metals, plastics, or ceramics: