In thrust bearings, the load acts

A. Along the axis of rotation

B. Parallel to the axis of rotation

C. Perpendicular to the axis of rotation

D. In any direction

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  1. In most machine members, the damping capacity of the material should be
  2. In oilness bearings
  3. The cam follower extensively used in aircraft engines is
  4. An open coiled helical compression spring 'A' of mean diameter 50 mm is subjected to an axial load W.…
  5. The centre to centre distance between two consecutive rivets in a row, is called
  6. The spring mostly used in gramophones is
  7. For applications involving high stresses in one direction only the following type of thread would be…
  8. The maximum efficiency of a square threaded screw is
  9. In helical gears, the right hand helixes on one gear will mesh __________ helixes on the other gear.
  10. In thrust bearings, the load acts
  11. In static loading, stress concentration is more serious in
  12. The shear stress at a point in a shaft subjected to a torque is
  13. A shaft is subjected to a maximum bending stress of 80 N/mm² and maximum shearing stress equal…
  14. At low temperatures (say 75°C) the notched bar impact value of steel
  15. When the belt is transmitting maximum power,
  16. In case of thick cylinders, the tangential stress across the thickness of cylinder is
  17. A chain drive transmits __________ power as compared to belt drive.
  18. The value of stress concentration factor depends upon
  19. Which is positive drive?
  20. If p = bearing pressure on projected bearing area, z = absolute viscosity of lubricant, and N = speed…
  21. The dedendum is the radial distance from the
  22. The contact ratio for gears is
  23. Two helical springs of the same material and of equal circular crosssection, length and number of turns,…
  24. The coefficient of friction in belt drive depends upon
  25. According to I.B.R., the distance between the rows of rivets, for equal number of rivets in more than…
  26. Stress concentration is caused due to
  27. According to I.B.R., shearing resistance required to shear off the rivet per pitch length (in double…
  28. The usual clearance provided in hydrodynamic bearing per mm of diameter of shaft is
  29. The notch sensitivity q is expressed in terms of fatigue stress concentration factor Kf and theoretical…
  30. Which of the following statement is correct?