In value engineering, important consideration is given to

A. Customer satisfaction

B. Function concept

C. Profit maximisation

D. Cost reduction

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  1. Break-even analysis can be used for
  2. An optimum project schedule implies
  3. Merit rating is the method of determining the
  4. For handling materials during manufacture of cement, a _________ is widely used.
  5. CPM is the
  6. Emergency rush order can be pushed more effectively in
  7. Acceptance sampling is widely used in
  8. The time by which the activity completion time can be delayed without affecting the start of succeeding…
  9. Which of the following charts are used for plant layout design?
  10. The essential condition for the decompression of an activity is that
  11. Critical path method
  12. In micro-motion study, therblig is described by
  13. A-B-C analysis is used in
  14. Job evaluation is the method of determining the
  15. The type of layout used for manufacturing steam turbines, is
  16. Linear programming can be applied successfully to
  17. Work study is done with the help of
  18. In steel plant the most important system for materials handling is
  19. Which of the following statement is correct?
  20. Work sampling is applied for
  21. PERT/CPM, techniques can be used for following applications
  22. The amount deducted from the salary of workers towards employees provident fund is
  23. Positive slack on a PERT indicates that project is
  24. Which of the following plans motivates supervisors by paying a premium on time saved by workers?
  25. In Emerson's efficiency plan of wage incentive system, bonus is paid to a worker
  26. In which of the following layouts, the lines need to the balanced
  27. In queuing theory, the nature of the waiting situation can be studied and analysed mathematically if
  28. In the perpetual inventory control, the material is checked when it reaches its
  29. The technique for establishing and maintaining priorities among the various jobs of any project is known…
  30. In product layout