In what respect computers are superior to human beings?

A. Diligence

B. Intelligence

C. Both of above

D. None of above

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  1. A high quality CAD system uses the following for printing drawing and graphs
  2. Who invented the high level language C?
  3. A normal CD- ROM usually can store up to _________ _data?
  4. The report card and merit list forms the
  5. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminals is
  6. Regarding a VDU, Which statement is more correct?
  7. A number that is used to control the form of another number is known as
  8. Binary numbers need more places for counting because
  9. 1 Byte =?
  10. Which of the following is not an output device?
  11. What kind of memory is both static and non -volatile?
  12. In _____ mode, the communication channel is used in both directions at the same time?
  13. UNIVAC is
  14. CD-ROM is a
  15. Which is the first electronic digital computer?
  16. A set of information that defines the status of resources allocated to a process isA) Process control
  17. What do you call the programs that are used to find out possible faults and their causes?
  18. Analog computer works on the supply of
  19. ________ Computers are of large size
  20. Who designed the first electronics computer ENIAC?
  21. Who is credited with the idea of using punch cards to control patterns in a waving machine?
  22. Symbolic logic was discovered by
  23. The advantage of COM are its and
  24. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminals is
  25. Most of the inexpensive personal computers do not have any disk or diskette drive. What is the name…
  26. A section of code to which control is transferred when a processor is interrupted is known as
  27. In 1999, the Melissa virus was a widely publicised:
  28. A type of channel used to connect a central processor and peripherals which uses multiplying is known…
  29. A physical connection between the microprocessor memory and other parts of the microcomputer is known…
  30. What are the three decisions making operations performed by the ALU of a computer?