In which of the following countries are direct democratic checks such as Referendum, Initiative and Recall provided for

A. U.S.S.R.

B. U.K.

C. Switzerland

D. Australia

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  1. The total number of fundamental duties mentioned is the constitution of India now is
  2. Chief Justice of High Court is appointed by
  3. The approach paper for the 11th five year plan of India was approved by National Development Council…
  4. How long did the Constituent Assembly take to finally pass the constitution
  5. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of union territories of India in the increasing order…
  6. Of the following, which country is not the permanent member of the Security Council
  7. Which are the two states (other than UP) having the highest representation in Lok Sabha ?
  8. The most profound influence on the drafting of the Indian Constitution was exercised by the
  9. Which of the following are included in the Constitution of India as the directive principles of state…
  10. Which one of the following is the time limit for the ratification of an emergency period by the Parliament…
  11. Who among the following Indians was the President of the International Court of Justice at Hague
  12. In which general election did the Congress Party lose majority in the Parliament for the first time…
  13. The President of the Union of India has the same constitutional authority as the
  14. Which one of the following is the subject of concurrent list ?
  15. The Government of the Union of India is parliamentary in character. One of the characteristics of a…
  16. Assertion (A) : In the Indian system, the executive cannot impose any tax without legislative sanction.…
  17. Indian constitution contains
  18. Monthly salary of President of India is
  19. Who was the protem Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of India ?
  20. Which of the following is a member of the SAARC
  21. Who is the 37th Chief Justice of India ?
  22. Which of the following statements is correct
  23. A Money Bill in the Parliament can be introduced only with the recommendation of the
  24. Consider the following statements 1. The design of the National flag of India was adopted by the Constituent…
  25. Which of the following statements about the Vice-President of India are not correct ? 1. In order to…
  26. Where is the permanent head quarter of International Court of Justice
  27. How many representatives for Vidhan Parishad of U.P. are elected from the teacher's constituency
  28. Assertion (A) : The number of the members of the Union Public Service Commission is prescribed in the…
  29. Under the Constitution, the power to issue a writ of Habeas Corpus is vested in
  30. 2 and 4Prior Sanction of the President of India is required before introducing the bill, in the Parliament…