In which of the following will a piece of iron weigh most?

A. in air

B. in an atmosphere of oxygen

C. in an atmosphere of CO2

D. in vacuum

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  1. A transformer
  2. If the speed of the rotation of the earth increases the weight of a body
  3. A man Jumping out of a moving train is thrown
  4. The mixing up of two gases as a result of random motion of molecules is called
  5. The heat generated in a conductor carrying current is proportional to
  6. Which of the following sets of elementary particles have nearly equal masses?
  7. The filament lamp is an example for
  8. In a refrigerator cooling is produced by
  9. The Cact that the compass needle does not point true north was observed first by
  10. In the case of bodies falling under gravity which of the following remains constant at a given place?
  11. You want a supply of a small but constant current. Which of the following cells will you prefer?
  12. A sensitive instrument susceptible to magnetic infiuence can be protected from external magnetic field…
  13. The force that keeps a body in a circular motion la called
  14. At what temperature do the Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales give the same reading?
  15. X-rays are used
  16. The planet that spins Caster than any other planet is
  17. When temperature decreases, resistance of metals to flow of electricity
  18. The function of a moderator in a nuclear reactor is
  19. The Indian Satellite System used for domestic communications, television and meteorology is known as
  20. When light travels from one medium to another there is a change in its
  21. Heat transfer
  22. In a refrigerator, the refrigerant is
  23. When a bottle of perfume la opened in one corner of a room the smell spreads soon throughout the room.…
  24. A stationary elevated object has
  25. The presence of impurities
  26. Enriched uranium means
  27. The sun continuously produces an enormous amount of energy. This la due to
  28. A series of east moving still pictures can be made to appear as a moving picture because the eye
  29. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction is Newton's law of Motion
  30. Changing of one element into another element is known as