In which type of welding a gas shield, a consumable electrode is used and the welding can be done in all positions.

A. ARC welding

B. Submerged ARC welding

C. TIG welding

D. MIG welding

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  1. The factor responsible for the formation of discontinuous chips is
  2. In which type of welding a gas shield, a consumable electrode is used and the welding can be done in…
  3. What is the type of welding defect caused due to poor manipulation of weld rod or a dirty joint called?
  4. The broaching operation in which either the work or the tool moves across the other, is known as
  5. Trepanning is performed for
  6. The point angle of a drill, for drilling stainless steel, is
  7. Gear lapping is an operation
  8. Jigs are used
  9. What type of fusion welding process is used for welding sheet metals of all engineering metals (except…
  10. In American Standard Association (A S A) system, if the tool nomenclature is 8-6-5-5-10-15-2 mm, then…
  11. The tool life in case of a grinding wheel is the time
  12. The hole to be drilled for tapping is _________ the outside diameter of the thread on the tap.
  13. In oblique cutting system, the cutting edge of the tool
  14. The thrust force will increase with the increase in
  15. Low helix angle drills are preferred for drilling holes in
  16. The increase in depth of cut and feed rate __________ surface finish.
  17. In centreless grinding, the surface speed of regulating wheel is
  18. The lathe spindles at the nose end have
  19. The type of tool used on milling machine and broaching machine is
  20. In transverse grinding
  21. In grinding irregular, curved, tapered, convex and concave surfaces, the grinder used is
  22. In a CNC program block, N002 GO2 G91 X40 Z40......, GO2 and G91 refer to
  23. EDM machining is applied for
  24. Side rake angle of a single point cutting tool is the angle
  25. Tumbler gears in lathe are used to
  26. The snag grinding is done
  27. What is the type of welding defect is caused due to stresses on heating and cooling called?
  28. The binding material used in cemented carbide tools is
  29. Two plates of the same metal having equal thickness are to be butt welded with electric arc. When the…
  30. The capacity of a material to be welded under the imposed fabrication conditions into a specific, suitably…