Directions: Study the graph given below to answer these questions.

In which year, the maximum profit was generated vis--vis in?

A. 1991

B. 1992

C. 1993

D. 1994

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  1. If the train stops at each city for 30% more time that what it is at the moment, then at what time will…
  2. If the maximum production capacity is 300 units, then the unmet demand will be
  3. In which year was the increase in spending on CSR, vis-a-vis the previous year, the maximum?
  4. Approximately, what was the actual profit made by the department store in the second quarter of 1999?
  5. Total production in July is 40 units. What is the approximate average unit cost for July?
  6. If A has achieved the highest score then what is the score achieved by C
  7. What total expenditure has been made during the year 1997 and 1998 in the period covered in the graph?
  8. What is the average per cent profit earned by the company over the years?
  9. In which year, were the gross sales proceeds the highest?
  10. In which of the following years was the production of motorbikes exactly 40% of the total production…
  11. The price volatility of the commodity with the highest PV during the February-July period is approximately…
  12. After which month did Seetas rate of growth start to decline?
  13. If the base of the profit index is changed to 1993 = 100, then what would be the index of profit for…
  14. Maximum score of which team is the highest?
  15. What is the average number of students (males and females) passed out from all the colleges together?
  16. If C has achieved the lowest possible score then-
  17. In which year was the total number of girls enrolled in all the three schools together second highest?
  18. During the period 1998-2000, how many quarters exceeded the profit of Rs. 150 lakh?
  19. In the given personal profile, which is the value with the lowest score?
  20. The number of educated and illiterate members (not highly educated) who joined the club in 2013 as a…
  21. In the year 2000, total profit made by the departmental store was approximately :
  22. The maximum increase in price per cubic metre for any product between two years was
  23. How many of the restaurant definitely performed better than Dhaba in both Take away and Dine In?
  24. In which month did the company earn maximum profits?
  25. In 2004, the prices of plywood, sawn timber and logs went up by 5%, 1% and 10% respectively and the…
  26. The number of males passing out from colleges A and B together is what percent of the number of females…
  27. The circulation in October is . . . times than that of July.
  28. In which year, the maximum profit was generated vis--vis in?
  29. The per cent profit earned by the company in the year 2009 was what percent of the per cent profit earned…
  30. By what % is the solubility of Potassium Chlorate in water increased as the water is heated from 30°C…