Increase in pressure

A. increases the melting point of ice

B. decreases the melting point of ice

C. has no effect on the melting point of ice

D. increases the volume of the ice

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  1. A stationary elevated object has
  2. The period of oscillation of a simple pendulum depends upon
  3. Solids have definite shapes. This is because
  4. Pieces of camphor placed on water move about rapidly. This is because of
  5. A tube light works on the principle of
  6. We see the flash of lightning before hearing the thunder because
  7. The source of electric energy in an artificial satellite is
  8. X-rays are used
  9. The phenomenon of radioactivity was discovered by
  10. A cup of hot coffee is placed on a metal table in a room. By which of the following methods does it…
  11. A pressure gauge for fluids is called
  12. A bullet is fired at a certain angle with the horizontal. Its path will be
  13. Air escaping rapidly from a narrow orifice in an inflated tyre feels cool because
  14. The unit of power in SI is
  15. Electron-volt is a unit of
  16. Cyclotron is an apparatus used
  17. The ballistic missile, Agni 11, tested by India has a maximum range of
  18. The largest planet in the solar system is
  19. For viewing objects placed at a higher level from a position at a lower level, the instrument used'…
  20. Diamond shines because of its
  21. Commonly used safety fuse wire is made of
  22. The nuclear model of atom was first visualised by
  23. On the Kelvin scale, the melting point of ice is
  24. The sun continuously produces an enormous amount of energy. This la due to
  25. A hydrogen bomb is based on
  26. Who discovered that the Cree Call acceleration Is the same for any object at a given place?
  27. In a hydraulic pressure
  28. Thick brick walls are used in the construction or a cold storage because bricks
  29. Nichrome is used in electric heaters and irons because
  30. Meteors