India celebrated the 75th anniversary of which historic movement on 09th August 2017?

A. Non-cooperation movement

B. Civil Disobedience movement

C. Dandi March

D. Quit India movement

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  7. On 15th August 2017 India celebrated ------------ Independence Day.
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  16. Name the supercentenarian who passed away on August 11, 2017.
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  18. Which company has announced the launch of Virtual Customer Service (VCS) model in India?
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  22. Usain Bolt who retired on August 14, 2017 is from which country?
  23. How many medals did India win at the 6th Golden Glove women's Boxing Tournament at Vojvodina, Serbia?
  24. 2017 IAAF World Championships was held from 4th to 13th August 2017 in:
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  26. Recently, a team of scientists discovered two new species of earthworms in which state?
  27. Which of the following has not won the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award 2017?
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  29. India and which country have jointly submitted a proposal to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) calling…
  30. India celebrated the 75th anniversary of which historic movement on 09th August 2017?