Inter cooling in compressors

A. Cools the delivered air

B. Results in saving of power in compressing a given volume to given pressure

C. Is the standard practice for big compressors

D. Enables compression in two stages

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  1. The thermodynamic efficiency of rotary compressor is based on
  2. Isothermal compression though most efficient, but is not practicable because
  3. Ramjet engine
  4. Standard air is the air at
  5. Actual compression curve is
  6. Producer gas is produced by
  7. Maximum work is done in compressing air when the compression is
  8. If the clearance ratio for a reciprocating air compressor is 'K', then its volumetric efficiency is…
  9. Axial flow compressor has the following advantage over centrifugal compressor
  10. The work ratio of simple gas turbine cycle depends on
  11. Adiabatic compression is one in which
  12. The degree of reaction in an axial flow compressor is defined as the ratio of static enthalpy rise in…
  13. Inter-cooling in gas turbine results in
  14. The overall efficiency of the compressed air system is the
  15. Atmospheric pressure is 1.03 kg/cm and vapour pressure is 0.03 kg/cm. The air pressure will be
  16. Phenomenon of choking in compressor means
  17. In a centrifugal compressor, the highest Mach number leading to shock wave in the fluid flow occurs…
  18. Mining industry usually employs following motive power
  19. Pick up the wrong statement
  20. Aeroplanes employ following type of compressor
  21. Propulsion efficiency of the following order is obtained in practice
  22. A large clearance volume in a reciprocating compressor results in
  23. More than one stage will be preferred for reciprocating compressor if the delivery pressure is more…
  24. Which of the following statement is correct relating to rocket engines?
  25. The compressor performance at higher altitude compared to sea level will be
  26. Which is false statement about multistage compression?
  27. Axial flow compressor resembles
  28. The efficiency of roots blower ________ with the increase in pressure ratio.
  29. Volumetric efficiency of air compressors is of the order of
  30. The thrust on the rotor in a centrifugal compressor is produced by