Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) body looks after ________.

A. The research projects of TCP/IP suit

B. Technical related issues

C. Development of standards like Requests for Comments

D. Maintenance of Internet

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  1. Which of the following protocols are considered unreliable or connectionless?
  2. Which of the following address supports 254 hosts on each of 2 million networks?
  3. Destination physical address in ARP request is a ………………………….address.
  4. You've taken your Windows 2000 laptop to a client's network and plugged it in. Your computer is configured…
  5. What is the maximum frame size of a frame relay?
  6. What is the maximum distance of single-mode fiber (SMF)?
  7. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  8. Twisted-pair cable uses what type of connector?
  9. Select the class C IP address from the following:
  10. Which of these is an example for unguided transmission?
  11. ____________ was developed to support aggregation and summarization of routing information.
  12. Which type of connector is used on 10Base2 networks?
  13. How many table entries are supported by global routing table in CIDR?
  14. Which class of IP addressing was not brought in much use?
  15. You're asked to install a Citrix MetaFrame XP server. What protocol will clients use to connect and…
  16. Router B receives an update from router A that indicates Net1 is two hops away. The next update from…
  17. The general form of the SMTP destination address is ________________.
  18. Which of the following fields holds the packets of several protocols?
  19. ________acts as source and destination for IP traffic.
  20. Data Transmission is not a layer in the OSI model
  21. A modem is a card within a PC that converts the …………... the computer produces…
  22. If user A wants to send an encrypted message to user B, the plaintext is encrypted with the public key…
  23. Which of the following is used for testing the data-link connection in a PPP network?
  24. Which of the following is also known as IP masquerading?
  25. In TCP segment format _______indicates start of data.
  26. What is attenuation?
  27. Which of the following is used for establishing, configuring, and testing the data-link Link Control…
  28. T1 makes up 24 channels.
  29. Which of the following algorithms are meant for establishing the paths through the network?
  30. Which of the following IP addresses are used by multicast devices?