Intravascular clotting of blood is known as

A. anaemia

B. leucopenia

C. thrombosis

D. thrombin

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  1. Chemical substances that called have effect on growth of plants are called
  2. What is the other name for the brain?
  3. Sleeping sickness in man is caused by the organism
  4. Organisms that depend only on raw plant products are said to be
  5. What are oncogenes?
  6. A biopsy is performed on a patient generally to detect which one of the following?
  7. Higher plants take up nitrogen as
  8. If a father has blood group A and the mother has blood group 0, which one of the blood groups may be…
  9. Calcium and phosphorus assimilation will depend on sufficient intake of
  10. Plant diseases are spread by
  11. The primary energy for living organisms is
  12. Scurvy is a disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin.
  13. Plants grown in darkness show
  14. The natural defence of our body against foreign germs is formed by
  15. Which one of the following is essential for blood clotting?
  16. The blood clotting requires the vitamin
  17. The association between leguminous plants and bacteria is
  18. The bile contains the pigments
  19. Oxygen transportation in human body takes place through1) Blood2) Lungs3) TissueThe correct sequence…
  20. Niche' refers to
  21. Malnutrition is due to
  22. The country's first 'brain bank' that can store up to 300 human brains has been opened at
  23. Most of the enzymes are
  24. The pigment which is responsible for blood clotting is
  25. Oxygen transport is a function of
  26. Hormones are carried from their place of production by
  27. The theory that believes that the first living organism came from another planet is known as
  28. The muscles of the heart are
  29. The juice from the leaves of ________ is used for the treatment of diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery.
  30. The following disease is prevented by triple-antigen immunization