iostream is inheried from istream, ostream and ios class.

A. True

B. False

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  1. The break statement causes an exit
  2. The members of a class by default are private.
  3. Which of the following is true about const member functions?
  4. _______ argument(s) are passed in case of binary overloaded operators.
  5. A direct access file is:
  6. Public data members can be accessed
  7. A variable defined within a block is visible
  8. The members of a class can be made private by
  9. We can make function inline by using the keyword 'inline'.
  10. One of the important features of an abstract class is
  11. A normal C++ operator that acts in a special way on newly defined data types is said to be
  12. The signature of a function is
  13. The binding that binds a function call at run time is called
  14. We cannot have the address of a constructor.
  15. The new operator always returns a void pointer.
  16. A constructor cannot be explicitly called.
  17. When accessing a structure member, the identifier to the left of the dot operator is the name of
  18. The exception is processed using
  19. Private data members can be accessed
  20. Member function cannot be called from within a constructor.
  21. In C++, the keyword auto can be used for
  22. Reference to an object behaves like a constant pointer.
  23. this' pointer has to be used while accessing data members in a member function.
  24. Element double Array[7] is which element of the array?
  25. A pure virtual function is a virtual function that has
  26. A destructor can have a return type.
  27. Protected data members can be accessed
  28. When a language has the capacity to produce new data type, it is said to be
  29. :: is known as
  30. By default, members cannot be inherited.