______is a preferred method for enforcing data integrity

A. Constraints

B. Triggers

C. Stored procedure

D. Cursors

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  1. DROP is a statement in SQL.
  2. What is data integrity?
  3. The transactions like adding an employee, enrolling a student in a course are examples of _______
  4. DFD stands for
  5. In an ER model,_____ is described in the database by storing its data.
  6. Which of the following ensures the atomicity of the transaction?
  7. A ______ module is typically designed so that it will run on a user workstation or personal computer.
  8. Which is the best file organization when data is frequently added or deleted from a file?
  9. The data in the database at a particular moment of time is called the _______
  10. ______defines the structure of a relation which consists of a fixed set of attribute-domain pairs.
  11. ______is a special type of integrity constraint that relates two relations & maintains consistency across…
  12. Which normal form is considered adequate for normal relational database design?
  13. operator is used to compare a value to a list of literals values that have been specified.
  14. In E-R Diagram total participation is represented by
  15. The division operator divides a dividend A of degree m+n by a divisor relation B of degree n and produces…
  16. Immediate database modification technique uses
  17. The one guideline to be followed while designing the database is
  18. The middleware databases in which the business rules act are applicable to _______ tier architectures
  19. The size of a data item is called its _______, which can be a field of some record or may be a larger…
  20. Which of the following statement on the view concept in SQL is invalid?
  21. Union operator is a :
  22. A table can have only one
  23. If two relations R and S are joined, then the non matching tuples of both R and S are ignored in
  24. If both the functional dependencies : XY and YX hold for two attributes X and Y then the relationship…
  25. The default level of consistency in SQL is
  26. Precedence graphs help to find a
  27. A DBMS is a ____ user if at most one user can use the system and is mostly restricted to personal computer…
  28. For using a specific database …………… command is used.
  29. The cost of reading and writing temporary files while evaluating a query can be reduced by
  30. The concept of mapping of ______ entity types is the concept in which the for each strong entity type…