________is defined as any crime completed through the use of computer technology.

A. Computer forensics

B. Computer crime

C. Hacking

D. Cracking

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  1. John Napier invented Logarithm in
  2. A name or number used to identify storage location devices?
  3. When a logic bomb is activated by a time-related event, it is known as a:
  4. Which is a machine-oriented high-level language for the GEC 4080 series machines.
  5. Who developed a mechanical device in the 17th century that could add, subtract, multiple, divide and…
  6. Floppy disks are available in
  7. Which of the following memories needs refreshing?
  8. ASCII stands for
  9. The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal's computer is an example of…
  10. An integrated circuit is
  11. Different components of the motherboard of a PC unit are linked together by sets of parallel electrical…
  12. When was Pascaline invented?
  13. ASCII stands for
  14. Coded entries which are used to gain access to a computer system are called
  15. Which is another name for functional language?
  16. COBOL is an acronym for________
  17. Office LANS, which are scattered geographically on large scale, can be connected by the use of corporate
  18. Which of the following is not electro-mechanical computer?
  19. The central processing unit (CPU) consists of
  20. In a computer, most processing takes place in
  21. IBM 1401 is
  22. Which is the type of memory for information that does not change on your computer?
  23. The digital computer was developed primarily in
  24. When a key is pressed on the keyboard, which standard is used for converting the keystroke into the…
  25. How many bit code is used by Murray code for TELEPRINTER machines.
  26. The most common type of storage devices are-
  27. The amount of vertical space between lines of text in a document is called
  28. The first digital computer built with IC chips was known as
  29. The CPU and memory are located on the:
  30. What is the name of the new color laptop computer which is powered by a 386 processor at 33 MHz and…