__________ is produced by the dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene.

A. Styrene

B. Ethyl alcohol

C. Cumene

D. Phenol

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  1. Sodium chloride content in sea water is about __________ gms/litre.
  2. Nitrogen is an essential component of
  3. Glycerine is a by-product of the __________ industry.
  4. Commercial production of calcium carbide requires limestone and __________ as raw materials.
  5. Phthalic anhydride is made by the
  6. Nitro-glycerine absorbed in wood flour, sodium nitrate or ammonium nitrate is commercially used as controlled…
  7. Thermal pyrolysis of ethylene dichloride produces
  8. Percentage of uranium in Carnotite ore found in Jadugoda (Jharkhand) is about
  9. Zeolite is a/an
  10. Zeolite removes both temporary as well as permanent hardness of water by precipitating calcium and magnesium…
  11. 90% of the caprolactam is converted to nylon-6 on its condensation polymerisation in the reactor maintained…
  12. Average sulphur content in Indian pyrites is about __________ percent.
  13. Enamels
  14. Carborundum consists mainly of
  15. Which of the following is an unsaturated fatty acid?
  16. Alcohol is produced by the
  17. The ideal pulp for the manufacture of paper should have high __________ content.
  18. In an integrated steel plant, NH3 present in coke oven gas is normally recovered as
  19. Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the process of
  20. __________ is a thermosetting plastic.
  21. High magnesia lime is added to hot sugar cane juice (during the manufacture of sugar) to
  22. Dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene produces
  23. Flexible foam (for mattresses) is usually made of
  24. Na2CO3.10H2O is called
  25. The main product of high temperature carbonisation of coal is
  26. Terylene is
  27. An oil is converted into fat by its
  28. Dry ice (solidified CO2) is used for the
  29. Saponification value/number of an oil or fat is a measure of its
  30. Which of the following is the purest form of water out of the following?