__________ is used as a material of construction for the blade of power saw.

A. Wrought iron

B. Stainless steel

C. Mild steel

D. High speed steel

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  1. The main charge in blast furnace is usually
  2. The cathode in an electrochemical cell always carries
  3. For which pair of the fuel gases, calorific value (C.V.) of one fuel is almost double that of the other…
  4. Which one can be directly solidified from gaseous state without entering into liquid state?
  5. __________ joint is mostly used for joining pipes carrying water at low pressure.
  6. Glass reacts with
  7. Pick out the wrong statement.
  8. As per international norms, the maximum permissible value of noise level in the industrial environment…
  9. Heat transfer by __________ is almost absent in case of fluidised bed drying operation.
  10. A jig is used while __________ a hole.
  11. Which one of the following is incombustible?
  12. The process of removal of scale formed during hot rolling of steel is termed as
  13. Limestone is added in the blast furnace (during pig iron manufacture) to
  14. Thermal conductivity of a material does not depend upon its
  15. Coarse grained steels have
  16. Hot dipping process is used for coating a low melting point metal (e.g. Pb, Sn, Zn) on iron, steel &…
  17. Which of the following is an ore dressing operation?
  18. The dew point of moist air becomes __________ with decrease in its relative humidity.
  19. Thermal diffusivity of a substance is proportional to (where, k = Thermal conductivity)
  20. Hot extrusion process is not used for making
  21. Which of the following has the least value of ultimate tensile strength (UTS)?
  22. The unit of gc is
  23. The wet bulb temperature is lower in dry air than in wet air at the same temperature. A dry bulb thermometer…
  24. The atmospheric temperature during melting of ice/snow (in the atmosphere)
  25. The main constituent of bones is
  26. The dimensional formula of bulk modulus of elasticity is same as that of the
  27. Fatigue resistance of a material is measured by the
  28. Cascade control is
  29. The mechanism which changes the value of manipulated variable in response to the output signal from…
  30. Reduction in the grain size reduces the __________ of the material.