___________ is used to pass copies of a variable while __________ is used to pass address of a variable.

A. Byval, Byref

B. Byref, Byval

C. Any one of the above

D. None of the above

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  1. This view is not present in VB.NET
  2. A MsgBox can have maximum ___________ button(s)
  3. The SelectionMode property of a CheckedList Box can be set only to
  4. DomainUpDown control is used only for strings and NumericUpDown for numbers.
  5. The name of the IDE window that allows you to see the hierarchical arrangement of the files in your…
  6. In OLEDB database can be accessed without using DataSet
  7. If Scrollbars property of a TextBox is set to Hortizontal and the WordWrap property is also set to true.…
  8. For the same class "Me" and MyBase" are same
  9. A user wants that custom colors are visible when the Color Dialog Box is first Opened. What should he…
  10. To get details about an error use
  11. This view pops up if "Ctrl+F1" is pressed
  12. _________ actually updates the values in a DataSet permanently
  13. A single LinkLabel can support multiple links
  14. We need multiple ErrorProviders from multiple controls.
  15. Use a _________ statement to make Visual Basic object the default object for a set of enclosed Visual…
  16. The default location of the exe file of your solution is
  17. A DataSet can be updated only when the connection is open
  18. To override Finalize function the scope of the function must be
  19. To retrieve the default path of the project use
  20. Using OLEDB you can connect more than one table
  21. The Apply button automatically appears of the Font Dialog Box is opened
  22. ScrollBars can be added to
  23. Default event handler of Splitter is
  24. If a Class in inherited, its constructor is inherited automatically and it is fired automatically
  25. You can assign a Main Menu to any control
  26. To use HelpProvider, the following properties of the form needs to be set
  27. On error goto lbl is a
  28. Class ccpublic _________ I as stringend classButton1_Clickcc.I=100
  29. When a project is Built it creates a _______ and ________ file under Bin directory
  30. To add controls at runtime use